Full of Clover

On my first mission trip to Tanzania in 2013, the deprivation at an open-air hospital so completely devastated me that I had to escape before my emotions displayed my distress. A very perceptive worker guided me to a secluded area and embraced me as I wept. Though she couldn’t understand a word of my tearful, English explanation she heard my heartache. Pole sana, she repeated while stroking my head. In Swahili, this means “Very sorry”. Her touch comforted me more than her kind words.

This woman with nothing gave me everything I needed. That was the moment Matthew 6:21 took full meaning for me, “For where your treasure is, there also your heart will be”. I have found treasure in the unwavering faith of Tanzania’s Christian communities. There also is my heart in support for their needs. In November of 2016, we completed the Getasam Church of the Endasak parish cluster in the Mbulu diocese. In February of 2017 Gidamola church was build and in 2018 we finished Mnadani and Garbapi churches. Early 2019 we started the largest church yet, Gidangu. Construction should be complete by October.

These churches not only accommodate the Catholics but are shared with other Christain denominations. They provide shelter in the seasons of scorching sun and blowing dust, and the seasons of torrential rain. They encourage faith, fellowship, and fidelity within the broad stretches of Mbulu’s bush country. Therefore, Father Damian Dawite, pastor of Endasak’s parish cluster considers these churches as vital as life’s other necessities.

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