Full of Clover

Sex was a strange activity in a shadowy world of forbidden fascination while growing up under the roof of devout Catholic parents in the 1970's. Good girls never wondered about such things. "The Talk" was left for the priests and nuns to administer and questions were quarantined. Their teachings clashed with the culture's message, tangling the words chastity, wifely duty, and procreation with the words commitment-free, self-gratification, and copious love.

Twenty-five years later, as a high school catechist in 2003, I encountered St. John Paul II's vision of Theology of the Body. "The human body is meant to express love, love in which the person becomes the gift--and by means of this gift--fulfills the meaning of his being and existence." --St. John Paul II.

The tight knot within myself began to unravel bringing both fascination and foreboding for what I would find as I pulled at my twisted understanding of my purpose in being created female. I devoured every resource I could locate on Theology of the Body while attending every workshop and speaking engagement available.

This novel is the grace generated after I unchained myself from the shames caused by society's warped interpretations of human sexuality.