Full of Clover

Trusting God isn’t difficult for Elaina Michael. Spiritual dependency on the Trinity seems as natural as her need for food and water. Their unconditional love absorbs the sting of ridicules and rejections, and they are all she needs—until she meets Cole. The sacred sexuality that Elaina’s beloved art teacher, Sister Immaculata, so often speaks of comes alive in Cole’s arm, right up to the day Elaina finds herself pregnant. And alone.

Elaina thinks she can rebuild her spiritual relationship by making Steely, the sinister but handsome drug dealer she falls in with, her service project of sorts. He’ll be her penance. She’ll help him clean up his life. But Steely’s world of physical and emotional abuse, drugs, and violence soon takes her prisoner. Was her childhood friendship with the Trinity a figment of her imagination? Steely carries through on a depraved plan to publicly humiliate Elaina, paving the way to a brutal rape.

Sister Immaculata always said that self-reclamation can only be achieved through complete spiritual dependency—but dare Elaina trust the God who stood by silently as she slid into this malevolent abyss?

"This story captured me from page one and took me to a place where deep emotions tangle. It stands as a reminder that redemption doesn’t come through our efforts. This book is for anyone who seeks peace with their past."
-Connie Clemput director of religous education, Saint Michael Parish, Kalida, Ohio

"Loved this book. Finally, a story that shows humanity as the prototype of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and clarifies our purpose—to take part in the kind of love that mirrors the Trinity’s. Full of Clover fully encompasses the magnificent works of the Trinity in our everyday lives." -Joyce Buss, Kalida, Ohio